What's included in this course?

What do I learn in this course?

When you complete this foundation course, you will be able to make (including plating & serving tips):

1. Nigiri (hand-form) sushi with Tuna & Salmon

2. Thin-roll (Hoso-maki)

3. Inside-out (California) roll

If you already have some experience of making sushi, you might think "This is too basic. I already know how to do these. I need more advanced course".

If you think so, let me quote a word from our adviser. She was trained Japanese cuisine at a famous restaurant in Japan and worked Japanese cuisine instructor/consultant many years in Germany.

Course overview

This course offers in total 8 modules to take your sushi to the next level. Before we jump into the first module, let's take a moment to see the overview of the course module by module.

Module 0: Introduction

You have probably heard that sushi chefs in Japan are trained for more than 10 years. In this module, we will reveal why the sushi training takes so long. The secret is, there are essential prerequisites to make sushi so tasty with the delicate savory and the chefs are trained to achieve those prerequisites.

Module 1: The Basics "5 Must-know steps & tips"

One of the best ways to learn is Learning-by-Doing. When you do something yourself, you learn the most. Therefore, we employed this simple but powerful principle to this program. In the following module (Module 2), you already have your first assignment, for which you make sushi by yourself from scratch.

In Module 1, you will learn the most essential basic know-how to complete the assignment (i.e. making sushi from scratch).

Module 2: Assignment: Learn-by-Doing (#1 Nigiri)

Your first assignment is to make Nigiri sushi, applying the basic know-how you learned in Module 1.

Planning: Planning sheet helps to foresee how you complete your first assignment.

Practice: Based on the plan you made, you cook sushi by yourself.

Reflection: You reflect the process of your assignment and the taste of the sushi based on the reflection sheet and analyze what you have done well and what you could do better next time.

Module 3: The Art of Making Sushi

You learn the art of making sushi in depth which helps you to improve your sushi-making skill as well as deepen the knowledge in the principle of Japanese cuisine. The contents are:

  • Deep dive into the world of "Rice"
  • Sushi rice preparation
  • Knives for sushi
  • Fish (Salmon)
  • Fish (Tuna)
  • Hygiene
  • Plating (Presentation of food on a plate)

Module 4

Assignment: Learn-by-Doing (#2: Nigiri)

The 2nd assignment and its procedure are same as previous one. This time, therefore, you focus on how and how much you improve from the last time.

Same as last time, this assignment is composed by four steps: 1. Planning, 2. Practice, 3. Reflection & Feedback, and 4. Discussion.

By the end of this module, you would be surprised how much skill and knowledge you earned.

Module 5

Variations of sushi (Maki)

In this module, you learn the different version of sushi: Maki (rolled sushi). There are two styles of Maki you learn.

  • Hoso-Maki (Thin rolls)
  • Ura-Maki (Californian/inside-out rolls)

Module 6

Assignment: Learn-by-Doing (Maki)

The third assignment is to make Maki by yourself from scratch. Its procedure is same as previous two assignments.

Goal! Final evaluation & Certificate

Congratulations! You complete the curriculum and now time to receive the final evaluation from the mentor.

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