About Us

This academy is founded in 2018 September in Germany by a Japanese female entrepreneur in collaboration with a few experienced Japanese chefs. All of the team is located in Europe and very passionate about offering the best-in-class education of Japanese cuisine for international chefs and food enthusiasts.

Our Team

Kazumi Wickenkamp -Founder

  • Studied business in Singapore and France (MBA)
  • Worked at international companies for 10 years for business development and product management, covering the market of Japan, Europe, Middle East and Africa
  • Extremely passionate about food

Hideyuki Takahashi -Curriculum supervisor, Chief Chef mentor

  • 15 years at “Tokyo KITCHO” (KITCHO is a most-renowned Kaiseki, traditional Japanese cuisine, restaurant group in Japan with three Michelin stars)
  • Sushi chef at “Shinji by KANESAKA” in Singapore (KANESAKA is a one-Michelin star sushi restaurant)
  • Former popular instructor at “Tokyo Sushi Academy” for 4 years
  • Yakitori chef (Japanese skewed BBQ, Tokyo)
  • Kitchen management (Hong Kong)

Fumino Takahashi -Curriculum development

  • Worked at several Japanese restaurants in Tokyo
  • Trained sushi & fish skill at Tokyo Sushi Academy & world-famous Tsukiji Fish Market
  • Japanese fermented food (soy sauce, miso) specialist

Kaoru Iriyama -Chef mentor, Programme adviser

  • Trained at the culinary academy of Koyama Hirohisa, a grand master of Japanese cuisine.
  • Also worked in his renowned restaurant "Aoyagi“ in Tokyo.
  • Sharing her knowledge of Japanese cuisine and philosophy in Berlin and Germany as a professional cooking instructor.
  • Consultant for Japanese restaurants in Germany for the refined cooking methods of Japan and the fascinating background of Japanese culinary culture.
  • Very experienced in TV cooking shows in Germany
    (Read more about yourself: https://www.kaoru-iriyama.com/)

Anonymous chef -Curriculum supervisor, Chief Chef mentor

  • 10+ years at “Tokyo KITCHO”, a most-renowned Kaiseki (traditional Japanese cuisine) restaurant
  • Several years of experience working at other top Japanese restaurants in Tokyo
  • Former head chef at Japanese embassy


Hiroo Chikaraishi -External adviser

  • Hospitality consultant & expert
  • CEO at Thomas and Chikaraishi, Inc
  • President of 'Soul of Japan Foundation' which 70+ of Japanese & international enterprises are member of.

Other members' info will be added soon!

Where you can find us:

Facebook: fb.me/master.jp.cuisine

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/master_jp_cuisine