Meet our graduates

James (Australia)

James, a fisherman/psychologist student in Australia, completed our Sushi Masterclass -Foundation- course. With his dream of becoming a fishmonger in Japan someday, he showed us his great enthusiasm for Japanese cuisine.

"I am grateful that the academy always tried to accommodate my needs in the course. They understood my learning needs and went to great lengths to create exactly the best content for me."

Addressing the needs and concerns of every individual, MJCA is here to support people with big dreams who are not currently chefs. 

Bobby (Norway)

Bobby (Buaprakone), a sushi chef for many years, took on our Sushi Masterclass -Foundation- Course to pursue his sushi chef career in Norway.

Great news came in after he had finished the course. His journey of becoming an omakase sushi chef came true! He just opened his 8-seat omakase bar that is the first Omakase in Bergen, Norway, and his omakase bar is already fully booked for the next few months!

"Despite years of working experience as a sushi chef, I felt I was missing crucial knowledge about the traditional style of sushi and Japanese cuisine. The course has helped me understand the basic knowledge I had been looking for to transition into a more traditional style of sushi making."